Sacraments of Initiation
Part 2 History of Initiation

Chapter i22
Initiation during the Patristic Period [400-799]  

Preliminary Questions


Johnson Chapter 4

To Think About

Preliminary Questions

Make a list of the symbols used in the rites of Christian Initiation. List as many symbolic actions and metaphors as you can. Put them in order as they occur in the rites of initiation.

What are the theological conclusions which follow from the initiation symbols?

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Maxwell Johnson. The Rites of Christian Initiation:  Their Evolution and Interpretation  (Revised and Expanded edition).  Chapter 2: Christian Initiation in the Pre-Nicene East; Chapter 3: Christian Initiation in the Pre-Nicene West.

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Justin, Hermas, Irenaeus, Origen, Augustine, etc.

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Johnson Chapter 2

Maxwell E. Johnson. Chapter 2:  Christian Initiation in the Pre-Nicene Period

Part I: Christian Initiation in the Pre-Nicene East
East and West Syria
The Didache
The Witness of Justin Martyr
Didascalia Apostolorum  
Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles

Clement of Alexandria
Origen of Alexandria

Part II: The Pre-Nicene West

North Africa
Cyprian of Carthage

The (so called) Apostolic Tradition, Ascribed to Hippolytus of Rome

In this context it might be helpful to look ahead to examine the history of the Sacrament of Confirmation:  Chapter i37 Confirmation and Chapter i44 Confirmation Catholics Baptized in Infancy.

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To Think About

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